How do I Choose the Best Aviation Training Center?

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Choosing the best aviation training center will depend largely on what the student wants to achieve, how far they are willing to travel, and what amount of time they want to spend in school. There are more than 300 institutions in the U.S. that offer some sort of formal aviation training program. Some of that is related directly to flying. Other parts are concerned with aviation management, as well as airline or airport operations.

The most important thing to do, before choosing a school, is to determine what type of degree or certificate is desired. An aviation training center may offer a Bachelor's degree in aviation, or it may offer other types of programs and certificates. In some cases, a rating certificate is all that is needed to become a professional pilot. However, the higher the level of the degree, the more credibility that will be offered. For those simply looking to become recreational pilots, a more flexible and economical option may be to simply hire a private instructor, or join a flying club.


In addition to becoming a pilot, an aviation training center may offer many other types of degree programs. Popular programs include: aircraft mechanic, aviation electronics, flight dispatcher, and various types of other management programs. Nearly all aviation training centers will offer a balance of both classroom instruction and practical experience. It is always recommended to tour any aviation training center before enrolling, so that it is known exactly what is offered in terms of hands-on experiences.

Another thing to do when looking at an aviation training center is to check with others who have attended the program. For those who know others in the industry, this will be an easy thing to do. For those who do not, ask a school guidance counselor, if still in high school, if they know how references might be obtained. At the very least, the school should be able to offer current or former students who can tell you about their experiences at a particular institution.

Also, it is important to ask about internship opportunities. If the aviation training center is well connected with the surrounding community, coming up with enough internships likely will not be a problem. Local airports, airlines, and other support companies will likely welcome the opportunity for some additional help each semester. If a school cannot reasonably say what internships will be available, that may be indicative of its reputation in the surrounding area.

For those who are getting ready to graduate from an aviation training center, job placement services become increasingly important. These services are often provided as a service to the graduate before graduation, and for a certain period of time after graduation. These services will likely be provided at no charge or for a nominal fee.



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