How do I Choose the Best Antique Coffee Table?

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When choosing an antique coffee table, it is more important to understand antiques than it is to consider designs. There is no single best antique coffee table in the world, but there are certain factors that should be considered when purchasing a table. Like other antiques, a coffee table that is old will likely need special care and should be taken care of well if not professionally. It is also a good idea to make sure the table is not already damaged and that it is authentic. One way to minimize the amount of problems with an antique coffee table is to purchase it through a reputable antiques dealer.

An antique coffee table purchased through an antiques dealer will likely be both authentic and in good condition. The dealer may be able to identify any relevant damage to the coffee table and adjust the value accordingly. It is important to be sure that the coffee table is fairly priced, but it is not uncommon to find highly expensive antique coffee tables that are either very fine or very old.


When choosing an antique coffee table, one should make sure that the coffee table fits in the room where it will be placed. Antiques are often centerpieces in a room, and so choosing a design that is attractive is very important. Depending on one's preferences, it may also be better to choose an antique that will not have to be insured, as this will require special care. As long as the table is priced fairly and is of a design that one enjoys, any coffee table can be made to work in a room.

Antiques can come from many different eras and areas, as well as from different traditions of design. Having a particular time period or design tradition in mind when choosing an antique coffee table can make the process much easier. For instance, if one is only interested in French Rococo coffee tables, one can either find a dealer who specializes in Rococo antiques or simply search online for items from that period. Antiques are a broad category of items, and it will almost certainly be easier to select a coffee table if a general subcategory is identified.

One problem with choosing an antique coffee table is preparing for its use. A coffee table is normally a place where guests feel free to set down drinks and sometimes even rest their feet. Making sure that the table will be placed in an area where it cannot be damaged is very important. If this is not possible, it is a good idea to purchase a less expensive antique coffee table that will not be a staggering loss if it gets damaged.



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