How do I Choose the Best Antique Bathroom Fixtures?

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Choosing the right bathroom antique bathroom fixtures will depend on your personal tastes, budget, and the overall style of your home. You can visit antique dealers to find the items you want, or you may even be able to find free items from home builders who are doing renovations. It is also a good idea to make sure your antiques match with the overall design theme of your bathroom, or you can create a room focused around antique items.

One way to go about choosing the best antique bathroom fixtures is to visit an antique store or shop online with a specialty company who sells them. Browse the selection and decide if anything works with your current or planned d├ęcor. The Internet may provide a wider array of options since you are not limited to your local area, but you may wish to see items in person to be sure they are in good condition before buying.

You can also find antique bathroom fixtures by visiting online classifieds. Sometimes when others remodel and upgrade their existing items, they will sell their old fixtures. Antiques may be purchased for less money this way, although items may not be in as good of condition as when purchased in a store.


Another option for finding the best antique bathroom fixtures is to contact local contractors who specialize in remodeling. Many times old tubs, fixtures, showers, and sinks are torn out and thrown away. If you find someone who has these items and intends to toss them, you may be able to get them at no cost. This will take more digging around, and items may not be in good condition, although some things can be fixed.

Since antique items can be pricey, you may also choose to go with replicas of older items. There are companies which specialize in making antique and vintage styled fixtures that look exactly like an older item. Added benefits are that materials will be up to code in terms of safety and there is less worry about the items breaking or needed repairs. With antique bathroom fixtures, there is always the slight risk of an underlying problem or repair.

Be sure the items you choose, whether authentic antiques or replicas, are up to current safety standards and in good working order. Check the return policy with any store you purchase from. You may also wish to bring paint samples and other fixtures with you while shopping to ensure they are a good watch with whatever you buy.



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