How Do I Choose the Best Antibacterial Gel?

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Antibacterial gel is a convenient method to get rid of potentially harmful germs from your hands if you do not have access to regular soap and water. The most effective versions should contain an alcohol concentration of at least 60 percent, so you should read ingredient labels carefully. Various brands also contain scents to mask the smell of the alcohol, but you might want to avoid these versions if you have sensitive skin. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose a large bottle of antibacterial gel that is equipped with a pump, a travel-size container, or even a soap version. Although many of these products are marketed as being effective, you will not reap the benefits if you do not use them correctly.

The primary ingredient in most antibacterial gels is alcohol because it sanitizes the hands. When you shop for a particular antibacterial sanitizer, you should look for a minimum alcohol content of 60 percent. Most brands contain between 60 and 90 percent, but anything less than this is not considered as effective in killing germs. Since alcohol usually has an unpleasant scent, many consumers opt for antibacterial gels that also contain fragrances. If your skin is sensitive, both the fragrances and alcohol content can irritate your hands, so you should use such products with caution.


Buying a large pump bottle of antibacterial gel is the best choice if you work in a profession in which you use the product on a regular basis. Purchasing such products in bulk can also save you money. If you are constantly out of the office, you might want to purchase travel-size bottles to stick in your purse or your briefcase as a more convenient method. Although antibacterial solution is often used instead of hand soap, some skin care companies sell gel-based soaps that are used in the same way as conventional versions. Antibacterial gel soaps are a popular tool to have on hand in the kitchen, particularly when you handle raw foods.

Many consumers use antibacterial gel products incorrectly, and so the ingredients might not be effective in killing germs. When you apply the gel to your hands, ensure that you rub it over the entire surface, including your fingers. The product must be dry before you touch other surfaces. Only a small amount of the product is actually needed, and simply applying a large quantity to your hands will not increase a particular brand’s efficacy.



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