How do I Choose the Best Ankle Treatment?

Bruises, torn ligaments, and a variety of other factors may cause pain within the ankle area. The type of ankle treatment needed to heal ankle pain depends entirely upon the injury at hand. While sprained ankles may only require elevation and an ankle wrap, a torn ligament may need professional medical attention.

The best way to choose the right kind of ankle treatment is to determine the cause of ankle pain. A bruised ankle will appear black and blue in color, and this type of bruising may extend all the way to the toe area. Ligament injuries may result in pain caused by ankle movement, while a sprained ankle will become swollen immediately following injury. People who are unsure of the cause of ankle pain should consult with a medical doctor. In some cases, a complete x-ray may be necessary in order to determine the cause of an injured ankle.

In most instances, ankle treatment should include elevation, a cold compress, and some type of ankle support, such as a crutch or bandage. However, this type of ankle treatment is very general, and some ankle injuries can become worse if not properly treated. In fact, many ankle injuries appear to be rather mild, though continued use of an injured ankle can lead to future problems. Physiotherapy is often the best type of ankle treatment, since this specialized therapy focuses upon the movement and reparation of the ankle.


Some ankle injuries can be helped by stretching the ankle area properly. Specific ankle stretches can be obtained by contacting a local podiatrist. Frequently, stretching the ankle area will help to revitalize ligaments, and strengthen the damaged area. Still, stretching exercises should not be attempted without the help of a medical professional.

A person who has recently experienced ankle swelling should attempt to rest the ankle for a few hours. This can be achieved by placing the ankle on top of a large stack of pillows, a coffee table, or other object. Pressure should also be applied to the swollen area by using a cold compress.

It is possible for an ankle to break, which can be quite serious. If a person has a broken ankle, surgery may be needed in order to repair the damaged area. While it is hard to tell if an ankle is broken with the naked eye, a broken ankle often has an odd appearance. On occasion, a bone fragment may jut out of the ankle area. When this occurs, professional medical attention should be sought right away. No matter what kind of ankle damage has occurred, following the general treatment listed above will help to ease any discomfort until a medical professional can be contacted.



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