How Do I Choose the Best Age-Defying Lotion?

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Choosing the best age-defying lotion is mainly about defining a product that will best meet your personal needs. The hallmark of an age-defying lotion is not only its moisture, but ingredients that have shown some evidence of having anti-aging effects. People who have sensitive skin or skin types that are unusually dry or oily should look for products that meet the special needs of their skin. Some cosmetics brands make several varieties of age-defying lotion, each with different ingredients and properties, and it takes some experimentation to find the right brand.

You should first find out the ingredients in each age-defying lotion, and determine whether they contain effective anti-aging ingredients or ingredients that aid in skin repair. There are many ingredients commonly used in these lotions, but include Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), sunscreen and skin-friendly vitamins. This type of lotion should have ingredients that help treat the effects of aging on the skin, including wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. An effective lotion of this type should have scientifically proven age-defying ingredients in it. The lotion should have a high enough concentration of these ingredients that it is able to have an effect on the skin.


Another important thing to consider when choosing age-defying lotion is its type. Some types of lotion are made for use on your face, while others should only be used on your body. When choosing age-defying lotion to put on your face, you need to stick with lotions that are made specifically for the face. While they are considerably cheaper by volume than facial moisturizer, age-defying lotions for the body are made with different ingredients that can cause breakouts on the more delicate skin on your face.

Researching the age-defying lotion brands that you want to try is a big step in finding the right lotion for you, but the process does require some trial and error. Even after researching a product, you may find that it is not right for you. This can be for any reason, including breakouts, an unpleasant scent or an uncomfortable moisture level. After long-term use, you may find that the product does not work for you, or that it is too expensive for its level of effectiveness. Even age-defying lotion designed for sensitive skin can cause skin rashes in some people.

If you are unusually sensitive to skin products, try to figure out which ingredients cause a reaction, and avoid them. Developing a practice of testing the lotion on a small area first can help reduce the chance of having a major reactive episode. When experimenting with new lotions, try to buy them from a store that takes returns of opened bottles of lotion. This type of store can have higher prices, but if you need to try several different types of lotion, stores with free returns can save you the money you would have lost on the failed purchases.



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