How Do I Choose the Best Adult Pajamas?

To select good adult pajamas, consider the recipient's fashion preferences, including the colors and styles that she tends to select for her daywear. Limit prints to patterns that you know the person will like. Consider the individual's lifestyle because what is best for an elderly person in a nursing home may not be best for a newly married woman, for example. Also be careful about the type of fabric that you select because some may cause skin irritation.

If you are choosing adult pajamas as a gift, you want to consider the recipient's preferences. You may comfort yourself by thinking that, because the item is for bed, that it makes little difference if it is not adored, but you may be wrong. Many people are very selective about their nightwear. To avoid wasting your money or disappointing the recipient, carefully consider the style, designs, and colors that are likely to suit the individual's tastes.

A college freshman, for example, is not likely to want the same type of adult pajamas as a retiring aunt. For a younger recipient, you may want to avoid pajamas that have prints, such as bears, stars, or hearts, unless you are confident that the individual will like it. Adolescents tend to be very sensitive about receiving gifts that raise questions as to whether they are viewed as adults. It may be best to select pajamas that are a solid color that is in style during the season when the gift will be given. Younger people are often trendier and like to update their apparel to reflect current fads.

For a person who is at least 50, you may have more liberty to select pajamas with designs. These may even be welcomed. Think of any items that you know the individual collects, his hobbies, or a design that you commonly see him wearing. If, for instance, your aunt has scarves, t-shirts, and pins bearing elephants, she may appreciate elephant print pajamas.

If you are purchasing the adult pajamas for a person who is in a hospital, nursing home, or who otherwise requires living or health assistance, you should prioritize styles that are easy to remove. This may include those that have an elastic waistband, a drawstring, or snap closures. Your decision regarding the best style should also be influenced by whether the items will be worn in the presence of a significant other. In this case, you may want to consider silk pajamas, lacy pajamas, or another style that you believe the recipient's partner will find attractive. Be careful about purchasing certain items, such as wool or fleece pajamas, because many people either do not like or cannot tolerate apparel made from these types of fabric.


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