How do I Choose the Best Administrative Assistant Courses?

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An administrative assistant is responsible for carrying out clerical duties within an organization. Administrative assistants are needed at companies of all sizes, from start-up businesses with only a few employees to Fortune 500 companies. Typical tasks of such an assistant include typing and filing, answering emails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paperwork, entering data, managing projects and conducting research.

Some companies only hire administrative assistants with college degrees, but other corporations do not require higher education. Many colleges and vocational schools offer administrative assistant courses that allow an individual to get a degree in this field. The courses offered will be mostly in the business, communications and logistics departments. Students will use office productivity computer software packages in these administrative assistant courses.

Administrative assistant training varies by school, and students wishing to pursue administrative assistant careers should choose a program that specializes in their area of interest. For example, students who hope to take up clerical work at an insurance company should take administrative assistant courses in business and accounting. Here there will be more of an emphasis on financial training, and students will work with programs that the insurance company is likely to use. Administrative assistant courses in law should be taken by those who hope to work as a clerical worker at a law firm. These courses will train the student in legal jargon, policies and procedures.


There are many accredited universities that offer degrees to prospective administrative assistants. They can be located on the Internet, and some administrative assistant courses can even be completed online. If you want more of a focused career path, it is a good idea to research institutions carefully.

Administrative assistant courses will train students to manage time and prioritize tasks. Such a program will sharpen students’ writing skills and computer proficiency. Administrative assistant programs use Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Many programs are placing a greater emphasis on the use of technology in the administrative assistant courses, as evolving times necessitate this step.

After completing such a program, administrative assistants can usually find entry-level positions with little trouble at either small or large firms. More important tasks will be undertaken the longer the administrative assistant remains with the company, and as higher positions within companies are often filled from within, the administrative assistant has a great shot at other positions, as long as he or she has proved to be a dedicated worker. The largest percentage of administrative assistant positions fall in the legal, medical and executive fields.



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