How do I Choose the Best Addiction Self-Help?

Some people do not have the time, means, or desire to involve others in their fight against addiction. If you are one of those people, you may be considering addiction self help. This can allow you to work through your problems privately and at a pace that is comfortable for you. There may be several treatment options available. Choosing the best ones generally requires you to identify all of your problems, and then consider your learning preferences.

Addiction is often a mask. You may not realize it, but you may actually need to address more than one problem behavior. When you consider addiction self help, it is wise to analyze your behavior for signs that you have multiple addictions. A person can, for example, be a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic. Financial troubles may lead her to focus only on the gambling, which will leave one major problem unaddressed.

Treatment specialists often recommend the keeping of a journal. This can be a part of any treatment option and can be especially important with addiction self help. Since there will be no one else to analyze your thoughts and behavior or to chart your progress, a written record can be an asset to you. The journal may also help you to identify your various problems.


Once you have determined what you need help with, you should be honest with yourself about your style of learning. Addiction self help books are available for a variety of problems. They are written by a wide range of authors from different walks of life. These can only be helpful however, if you will read them.

Some people lack the desire to read an entire book. Some people would like to read but they have limited time or attention spans. Choosing the best addiction self help means choosing options that you will readily commit to. If reading is going to be something that you struggle to do, don't focus on that option.

The fact that you choose not to read does not mean that you cannot get that same type of help. Many books are also available on CD and can be downloaded to MP3 players. This is a great option if you have long daily commutes. Having motivational materials on a portable device such as an MP3 player can also be especially helpful if you are fighting urges and need help to make it throughout the day without relapsing.

Volunteering may be one of the best options for addiction self help if you have spare time. Treatment professionals have found that some addicts are able to overcome addiction when they are engaged in helping others. You can volunteer at a facility that assists people with similar problems or at a facility that focuses on completely different issues.

If you are trying to fight addiction but you are still in denial about how much it affects your life, consider recording yourself. You can set up a camera on your own or you can watch videos that may have been taped on previous occasions when you were struggling with your addiction. Many addicts do not have a true picture of themselves. Watching videos of inappropriate behavior at a family event or even private behavior when you set up a camera can introduce you the addict inside.

Fighting addiction can be very difficult, especially when you attempt to do it alone. The best option may be a variety of options. You may need to structure your life like a treatment program. Instead of just sitting with a book or CD for an hour every day, you may need to keep a journal, carry an MP3 player, and watch videos of yourself.



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