How do I Choose the Best Acupuncture Practice?

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Acupuncture is a medical procedure where needles are inserted into particular points of the body with the intent of relieving pain and treating medical conditions. To choose the best acupuncture practice, you generally should consider an experienced and qualified practitioner familiar with how to treat the precise ailment you are experiencing. Other factors in your decision may include the actual cost of an acupuncture session, or the location of the acupuncture practice.

The practice of acupuncture has a long history of use in human culture. In China, its practice can be traced back to at least 1,000 B.C. In Western countries, alternative medicine trends have made acupuncture a viable option for people seeking health care. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture for the treatment of more than 40 different types of ailments. These include conditions such as nervous and respiratory problems, allergies, and chronic head pain.

Depending on where you live, acupuncturists may be required to be licensed practitioners. If an acupuncturist is licensed, this typically should indicate that the acupuncturist has passed the necessary qualifications for practice and is familiar with health care standardizations. An experienced acupuncturist with both a positive history and reputation in the community usually is a good choice. Asking people in your area who have already undergone treatment could help you with your decision as to which is the best acupuncture practice.


Many acupuncturists are specialists in treating certain problems. For example, some acupuncturists may be experts in addiction treatment. Asking which kind of specialty the prospective acupuncture practice has could help you know if it is right for you. Acupuncturists who specialize in certain treatments generally will be more attuned to your acute problems. This can aid in fostering a good relationship with your acupuncturist, a relationship that is as important as any standard doctor and patient relationship.

At times, the pains a person is experiencing may be so debilitating that the location of the acupuncture practice can be very important. As repeated treatments may be necessary, location usually should be considered for those suffering from chronic pain. This could help facilitate any required visits.

If cost is a factor, comparing the prices of different acupuncturist practices could be an important part of your decision. Insurance companies may cover some acupuncture treatments. In Western countries with a generalized health care system, acupuncture typically is not covered by these plans.

Many acupuncturists emphasize the treatment of the root cause of an ailment, as opposed to treating only the symptoms. This might give you a good indication that the acupuncturist is generally interested in your health and well-being. The emphasis on the greater healing process usually lets you know that the acupuncturist practice is primarily concerned with providing health care, rather than simply establishing a list of regular patients.



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