How do I Choose Between Waste Management Companies?

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Like many things, choosing a waste management company will likely require you to make a careful comparison of the options. First, you may need to locate local waste companies by searching through a phone directory or looking online. Then, you may choose between waste management companies by comparing them based on the number of trash pickups they'll provide each week and the amount of trash they will collect at one time. You may also consider costs and acceptable payment methods as you work to choose between waste management companies.

Many people live in areas in which they do not have a choice of the waste management company that arrives to pick up their trash. If you live or have a business in a place that does require you to choose your own waste management company, however, you'll have to compare companies on your own. To get started, you may do well to browse for waste company listings in your local phone directory. This way, you can find companies that serve your area. You may also ask neighbors which waste management company they use or search online.


Each waste management company may have a different way of doing things. As such, you’ll likely want to compare them based on such factors as when they will pick up your waste. Some companies may pick up only once per week while others may pick up twice per week. If you have a large amount of trash to put out, the twice weekly pickup may be more beneficial, but it may also cost more.

Many waste management companies also place restrictions on how much trash you can put out on trash collection day. For example, some may only allow you to put out two cans and two bags on trash day while others may restrict your trash collection to a certain weight. Often, waste management companies will allow you to put out large items, such as sofas or chairs, but restrict large items to pickups on certain days. Many also pick up large amounts of trash when you move, clean out a basement, or renovate your home. In many cases, however, you may be required to schedule these pickups in advance and pay extra fees.

When comparing waste management companies, you may also consider price an important factor. You may prefer to select the company that offers the lowest fees yet provides the best pickup schedule and trash collection volume. Likewise, you may favor the company that offers the payment options you prefer. For example, you may prefer a company that is willing to bill you instead of requiring you to make monthly payments to its drivers.



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