How do I Choose Between Advertising Universities?

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There are five items to consider when choosing between advertising universities: accreditation, faculty, graduate programs, student funding, and job placement opportunities. There are a wide number of schools that are advertising universities. It is important to review the courses being offered through this type of program to ensure that it meets both your long- and short-term educational goals.

Advertising universities are typically organized as a separate faculty within a much larger university. Advertising programs provide training opportunities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Upon completion, candidates are granted a degree in advertising and can apply for positions in the advertising industry or hold advertising positions in a wide range of other industries.

Accreditation is the first thing to check for when comparing advertising universities. Accreditation is a review process completed by an independent third party. The administration and academic policies of the institution are compared against a minimal standard. Courses completed at an accredited school can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions for credit and these schools are able to offer government student aid programs.

Review the biographies of the faculty or teaching staff. This information is usually provided by advertising universities on their websites. Look at the academic credentials, research, publications, and relevant industry experience.


Many professors in advertising were entrepreneurs who started their own advertising agencies. Look at the published material about their firms and review the type of work they completed, industries targeted, and types of campaigns. The information provides valuable insight into the knowledge that the instructor can impart and their own level of expertise in this field.

Graduate programs in advertising universities can range from a graduate degree to a post-graduate certificate in a specialized area of advertising. Look at the types of programs available and who is teaching them. Schools that offer graduate level programs are often able to attract a higher caliber of instructors, due to the opportunity to conduct research and publish books in the field of advertising.

Student funding programs vary widely among advertising universities. It is very important to check the types of funding available when comparing schools. Some programs are tied to employment, such as work-study or teaching assistant positions. Other programs are more closely tied to financial need or academic performance.

The best advertising universities offer a range of opportunities for job placements, internships, cooperative learning, and summer jobs in advertising. These opportunities are invaluable for providing real world experience and a chance to make industry connections. Review the student placement statistics with care and look at the names of participating firms to get a real idea of the types of opportunities available to you.



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