How do I Choose a Safe Body Detox?

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You can choose a safe body detox by selecting foods and herbs that have a gentle, stimulating action, particularly on the eliminative organs. Those organs include the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin. Fasting for periods of no more than 24 hours while drinking at least 10 glasses of water or mild, unsweetened herbal tea probably is one of the simplest ways of doing a safe body detox. Although many people don't realize that the skin is an organ, it is, and it is very important to keep it healthy so that it can perform all of the functions it was intended to handle, such as the excretion of salts and excess water in which toxins can be carried.

People who are underweight generally are advised against fasting and are instead encouraged to remove from their diet any foods or drinks that are unhealthy and cause toxins to accumulate in the system. For example, you could eliminate from your diet all foods that are processed, genetically modified or cultivated using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides as well as all foods that are artificially flavored, colored, texturized or preserved. Many people who removed harmful and denatured foods from their diet have experienced the benefits of a safe body detox simply by replacing unhealthy foods and drinks with wholesome, organically grown foods. This action alone is an all-natural and effective choice of a safe body detox.


It also must be kept in mind that you can be exposed to toxins that are present in chemical cleaning and personal care products. You might, therefore, also want to avoid their use; remember that the mere avoidance of toxins immediately ceases to burden the body with poisons while triggering a natural and safe body detox internally. Detoxification cannot be effective unless your diet is healthy.

If you would like to accelerate your body's natural cleansing process, consideration probably should be given to doing a liver detox or a colon detox. There are very safe herbs from which an infusion or decoction can be made to cleanse these organs. A liver detox can be made from dandelion root decoction to stimulate the liver, and various herbs such as senna can prove useful as part of a temporary regimen for a colon detox. You also might have heard of the cranberry juice detox, which is particularly cleansing to the kidneys; it consists of drinking several glasses of the juice and water throughout the day, preferably between meals. Other choices for a safe body detox include fruit fasts, during which only fresh and slightly cooked fruits are eaten.

Intake of sufficient chlorophyll to produce detoxification also is considered safe. This type of cleansing is accomplished by ensuring that you eat plenty of dark, leafy green vegetables such as romaine, watercress, collard, mustard and turnip greens. Lettuce can be used to make salads or juiced and mixed with fresh carrot or apple juice. Collard, mustard and turnip greens should be cooked just until done.



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