How do I Choose a Beauty College?

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Perhaps the most important thing to check with a prospective beauty college is its accreditation. This will vary from country to country, so be sure to find out the situation where you are. Remember that some disreputable establishments may claim to be backed from an official-sounding body which is not widely recognized. Generally you will be looking for a college which is accredited on both academic and professional grounds. This will ensure that your course counts towards your education record and also carries weight with potential employers.

The hours your beauty college operates may affect your decision. Some courses work on a full-time basis which is helpful if you want to get a qualification as quickly as possible. Other courses run on a day release basis where you will be taught perhaps one day a week. These courses are mainly designed for people who work full-time in the profession and are allowed to take the time off because it will improve their skills. There are also courses which run in the evenings and at weekends which can be a good option if you are very busy, though you should be realistic about whether you can take on the extra workload.


You will also need to consider the fees that each beauty college charges. Be sure to ask exactly what the fees cost and whether you’ll need to buy any extra equipment. You should also investigate whether you will be eligible for any government funding or whether there is an opportunity to be sponsored by a beauty company. Remember that a sponsorship will often tie you to working for that company for a set time after completing a course.

It is particularly useful to choose a college which offers professional links. For example, this may mean your course includes work experience or internships with professional beauty companies. It may also give you a considerable advantage in finding jobs as companies may advertise jobs to students before going to the general public. You may find it useful to contact major beauty services firms in your area and ask if there are any beauty colleges they recommend or endorse.

Other measures of a good beauty college are the staff and equipment. Try to find out how qualified the people who will be teaching you are, both in terms of formal certification and their experience in the industry. You should also make sure the college has the latest industry equipment as there is no point learning to use tools and machines which are outdated in the working world. Look particularly for a student salon facility where you will be able to practice on real customers. You might also get a discount on any beauty treatments you get yourself, though this should be a bonus rather than your main reason for choosing a beauty college!



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