How Do I Care for Thinning Curly Hair?

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To help you care for thinning curly hair, consult with your professional hair stylist who can recommend the best products for your hair type. In addition to using products that care for thinning curly hair, you should consume a nutritionally balanced diet to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss. Your diet should include sufficient protein and B vitamins. Hair-care products fortified with biotin can also help prevent thinning hair. It's a good idea to use a diffuser hair attachment when blow drying your hair to keep your curls bouncy and tight.

Many hair-thickening products can be found in department stores and hair salons. If you find a product that works well for you, consider purchasing the entire line of products designed for your hair type. This would include shampoo and conditioner, as well as styling products such as mousse or gel.

To keep your curls from falling flat, do not use a natural boar bristle hair brush, as these brushes tend to straighten the hair. If your hair is thin and curly, you'll want to maximize your curls for an effect of fullness and volume. To do so, use a round ceramic hair brush. The ceramic hair brushes are generally expensive, but can be great for styling curly hair by helping to control fly-away strands.


Another tip that can help you care for thinning curly hair is to have your hair trimmed regularly. Long hair styles will weigh your hair down, making fine hair look even more sparse. Ask your hair designer to recommend a short style for curly hair. She may also recommend cutting your hair in layers to maximize fullness.

To help you care for thinning curly hair, always choose a non-greasy, light formula hair-care product. If you must use a conditioner, don't choose the leave-in type, and always rinse your hair well. Excessive hair spray and styling gels can also make your hair look flat and contribute to build up. When using any type of volumizing product, concentrate on the roots, as the crown is an area that tends to lose body.

Many hair-care experts recommend coloring hair a shade or two darker than the original color for an appearance of fullness and body. It is best, however, to have a professional do the procedure rather than use an over-the-counter product at home. Avoid having your hair bleached or stripped, however, as this may damage it.



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