How Do I Care for Medium Thick Hair?

If you have medium thick hair, you might be wondering about the best way to care for it. There are many steps that you can take to make medium thick hair healthy and shiny. Preventing problems is an important part of hair care, which includes such steps as regular haircuts and conditioning. If your hair is already experiencing some damage, you can use deep conditioning treatments and proper brushing techniques to get it back into shape. Avoid creating more damage by staying away from excess heat and harsh styling treatments.

Medium thick hair should be shampooed and conditioned regularly, at least every few days, to be kept in optimal condition. Wet hair should be handled gently and carefully with towels and combs so that you do not damage to the cuticles, which are the outer parts of the hair shafts. After gently towel-drying medium thick hair, you should comb it with a wide-tooth comb, which will help prevent breakage and frizz. A moisturizing styling product can be applied while the hair is still wet to combat frizz and protect the shaft of the hair. There also are certain types of hair oils that can be applied to medium thick hair to keep it looking shiny.

Regular haircuts are essential to keep medium thick hair healthy. These should occur every six to eight weeks and will help keep split ends from going too far up the hair follicle, which would cause the hair to look damaged and stringy. If your hair has begun to look damaged, you can deep condition it once a week with a product that is designed for damaged hair. The deep conditioner can be left in for 30 minutes or more to help smooth the hair and create a bouncy appearance.

Brushing medium thick hair with a wire brush is not recommended, because of the damage that is can cause. Instead, use a natural bristle brush, such as one made with boar's hair, to help smooth your hair's natural oils from the roots to the ends. This takes your hair's natural protectant and makes the best use of it without causing damage.

Perms, hair colorings and heated styling products all can cause damage to medium thick hair. If you choose to use any of these tools to style your hair, make sure that you use a deep conditioning treatment regularly to help prevent damage. It also is important to give your hair breaks from heat and chemicals to allow it to repair itself.


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