How Do I Care for Greasy Hair?

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Although greasy hair is a frustrating condition, it does have an upside, as hair typically becomes drier as people age. Greasy hair itself is not attractive, but if you can manage the condition, you can keep your hair looking shiny and healthy without having to resort to professional treatments or several different hair care products. It is important to wash your hair as often as necessary to keep it looking good and to avoid the use of products that may cause oil buildup on your scalp and hair. Some experts recommend using an astringent rinse to further remove grease from your hair and to carry with you a dry shampoo powder for touch-ups during the day.

Many teenagers and adolescents struggle with greasy hair as their bodies adjust to the sudden surge of hormones brought on by puberty. It is also possible for someone to have greasy hair throughout his or her life. Your primary concern should be keeping your scalp and hair clean. Don't be afraid to wash your hair every morning, for example, if this is what is necessary to keep your hair fresh. You may also want to buy a dry shampoo, a powder that absorbs oil, to keep on hand. You can brush this powder through your hair at home or at the office before going out in the evening.


Have a look at your other hair care products, especially your shampoo. Many of these products contain a variety of moisturizers and other ingredients designed to keep your hair looking soft and shiny. While this is great for many people, you don't need these ingredients on your head. Switch to a very basic shampoo that does not contain additional moisturizers or volumizers. Some companies sell a product known as “clarifying shampoo,” which is designed to remove residue from other hair care products and does not contain many ingredients of its own. This may be an excellent option for your hair.

Be judicious in your use of conditioner or other styling products. If your hair is very oily, you may not need an additional conditioner. If you do decide to use conditioner, don't let it get on your scalp and apply it only to the sections of your hair that need additional moisture protection. Similarly, when you use styling products, avoids allowing the products to accumulate on your scalp, as this may contribute to the appearance of greasy hair.



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