How Do I Care for Fine Straight Hair?

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As of 2011, there are a number of images of people with straight hair that appears to have volume, texture and also thickness. In reality, straight hair generally tends to be fine and may therefore require additional care over other hair types for it to appear fuller. In many cases, the right hair products, techniques and hairstyles may keep fine straight hair healthy and help it to appear thicker and more luxurious.

Usually, products that are lighter, contain fewer chemicals, and that moisturize are the preferred hair treatments for fine straight hair. A shampoo that is clearly labeled as safe for regular use tends to be the safest for this hair type, as it typically holds fewer chemicals and a lower pH balance that is gentler on hair. Opaque shampoos are further preferable as they may also be moisturizing, which means conditioner may not be required. If a conditioner must be used, one that is labeled as suitable for daily use or light weight is better, though a leave-in conditioning spray is the best option for fine hair. Products that are specifically made to create additional volume are also a recommended option for those with fine straight hair.


The method in which hair is done may also help make fine straight hair appear thicker and full of volume. It may be beneficial to massage the scalp regularly as this should help to lift the roots and keep the hair separated, giving the appearance of thicker hair with added volume. Many people also recommend blow drying hair with the head down. Drying the hair in this manner may help to keep the hair away from the scalp and add more volume. A method called scrunching may also give the hair more texture and allow it to appear more visually interesting.

Hairstyling techniques may greatly influence the appearance of fine straight hair. In fact, several beauty professionals believe this may be the most important factor in caring for straight hair. It is recommended to avoid long, single length styles as this weighs down the hair and may make it appear limp. Instead, shoulder length should be the longest style for most people with fine hair. Although layers may aid in adding texture and volume, it is highly recommended to get layers done with texturizing scissors to create choppy layers, which will add more needed volume to the hair. Trimming hair regularly to remove any signs of breakage is also suggested as damage may be more obvious on this hair type.



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