How do I Buy Savings Bonds Online?

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If you are interested in buying a savings bond, know that you do not have to enter a financial institution to do so, as they are sold online in many countries. Websites that sell savings bonds make the process rather straightforward, with the first step being finding a website that sells the type of savings bond that you want, and then creating an account. You can then typically link your bank account to it, log in, and begin shopping for a savings bond, making sure to read through the details of each kind before buying one. You will also find that you can often purchase savings bonds online as gifts for others, and can even use income tax refunds to pay for them.


Many banks and government websites in each country offer savings bonds online, and signing up is typically a quick process. To do so, you will likely need your home address, your email address, and the routing and account numbers of either a checking or savings account. Once you have entered this information, the next step is to choose a password and some security questions that will help you recover your password if you forget it. You will then typically be emailed your account number for the website, which is why it is important to enter a valid email address before you begin buying savings bonds online. Of course, like many websites, you will usually be required to verify the email address before you can continue registering anyway.

Once you are able to log in, you should be able to begin browsing the types of available savings bonds online. Each one usually features details that include the best ways to use it, the current interest rate, denominations, and minimum and maximum purchases. Be sure to read the terms that come with each savings bond, including taxation and redemption information. Note that if you do not understand a phrase on the site, there are typically links to learn more about each one before you buy savings bonds online.

Purchasing savings bonds online using various websites is typically a fast procedure since you already put your bank account information in the system when signing up. This means that once you choose the savings bond you want, you can purchase it with the click of a button. You can usually buy a bond one time, or set up a repeating purchase so that you regularly buy savings bonds, perhaps each time you get paid. If you wish to use your tax refund to buy savings bonds, you can typically enter your website account number when filling out your tax return. Additionally, you can often buy savings bonds online to give as gifts to others by requesting them in the names of friends and family members.



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