How do I Build Bigger Forearms?

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The forearms are made up of many muscles, and there are many exercises that can help build bigger forearms. For the more advanced bodybuilders, more specific muscles can be targeted, though there are three core exercises that can help anyone build bigger forearms. These are reverse barbell curls, barbell wrist curls, and reverse barbell wrist curls. For all three exercises, start with three sets of eight to 10 repetitions (reps).

Start to build bigger forearms by starting with the reverse barbell curl. In this exercise, you should hold the barbell in a reverse grip, which means the palms are facing downward. Start with your arms hanging straight down and your elbows at your side. Lift the barbell, keeping your elbows at your side, until the barbell is about parallel to your shoulders. At that point, slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position.

The barbell wrist curl is another exercise that can help build bigger forearms. This exercise is best done while seated on a weight bench. Hold the barbell with a regular grip, your palms facing upward, with your elbows between your knees. Slowly let the barbell roll up in your palms as you curl your wrists. Once the forearms are contracted, slowly uncurl your wrist, letting the barbell roll back down your palms into your fingers.


The third exercise that is crucial to building bigger forearms is the reverse barbell wrist curl. This should also be done in a seated position, and is identical to the previous exercise, except that a reverse grip on the barbell should be used. Palms should face the floor and your elbows should be in between your knees when you slowly bring your wrists upward, keeping the other parts of your arms immobile. After completing that motion, slowly return your wrists to their starting position, which should be with your fingertips toward the floor. This is probably one of the more difficult and effective exercises to build bigger forearms.

The average person doesn't always focus on the forearms when working out or going to the gym; even bodybuilders sometimes neglect this part of the body. Stronger forearms are a plus, though, because they can help with other exercises and improve the overall quality of your workouts. It is best to work your forearms at the end of your workout, because the fatigue these exercises can cause could affect other exercises if not done last.



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