How do I Build a Fire Pit?

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How to build a fire pit for the family to enjoy is a simple task that can easily be completed. The first thing to consider is whether or not it is the correct time of year to start a fire, the best way to check this is to consult your local fire department before starting to build a fire pit or starting any fires. Once the fire department gives the all clear, then the fire pit can be built.

When a person decides to build a fire pit, the first thing that must be decided is the location of the fire pit to be built. When selecting a location for the fire pit, it is important to consider the surroundings. If there are houses near the location, dead or old trees, loose brush, compost or trash piles, or an abundance of dry grass, then the location is not suitable for a fire pit. The best location is in an open area away from houses and trees. It is also a good idea to select a location for the fire pit that is easily accessible to a garden hose or some source of water.


Once a suitable location has been identified, then the preparation begins by clearing any and all debris from the selected fire pit location. After the debris is cleared, the next step to build a fire pit is to dig a hole in the ground that is approximately three feet (one meter) in depth and three feet (one meter) around. After the hole is dug in a safe location, then the next step is to clear out all the foliage for at least three feet (one meter) surrounding the hole, leaving only dirt. This step prevents the flames from the fire to spread to other areas.

Once the hole is dug and the area is cleaned out to be fire retardant, the next step is to line the outer edges of the fire pit with some type of stone or brick, depending on the style preference of the builder. The stone or brick will act as a retaining wall for the fire pit and also make a sturdy foundation to set a metal cooking rack for outdoor grilling.

Now that the fire pit is complete, it is important to maintain it by keeping foliage away from the area and keeping it open and clean. Also remember not to use gasoline or other extremely flammable materials when starting a fire in the fire pit, if the wood is dry and not crammed together but has spaces between the logs to allow adequate oxygen flow than a piece of paper and a lighter should do the trick. Remember this fire pit is designed for small fires and should be monitored when in use.



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