How do I Break into Modeling?

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If you've been seriously considering how to break into modeling, you might think about the option of modeling school. A modeling school could offer valuable training that might prepare you for a career in the industry. Upon graduating from modeling school, you could very well receive modeling jobs to help you get started.

An individual planning on pursuing a career as a fashion model typically should ensure her appearance is as attractive as it can be. For example, you might wish to get an updated hairstyle, change your hair color or sculpt your eyebrows. Do not neglect any aspect of your appearance, whether it be your face or your fingernails. To break into modeling, wardrobe and makeup are essential, as you will need to assemble a quality portfolio representing yourself in the most positive way. Making a good impression is crucial in helping you succeed.

To assemble your portfolio, it would be helpful to contact a professional photographer who is qualified to take high-quality photos. You'll want to have several images, including close-ups or head shots. You'll typically require a few profile photos for your portfolio as well. Full-length body shots will be helpful and necessary in many cases. If you plan on modeling a specific body part, such as the hand, you'll generally only need quality close-ups of that body part.


As you break into modeling, the next aspect of your endeavor should be to find yourself a reputable and experienced modeling agent. This is typically done through a modeling agency. You need to be aware of various scams or potential for situations that could leave you vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals. Do your research carefully and get recommendations on legitimate agencies, preferably from other models.

Finally, in your attempt to break into modeling, an important piece of advice to remember is to be aware of opportunities around you. If you happen to notice a local beauty pageant or modeling talent search is coming up, attend it with your portfolio and network with the people there. This could give you the exposure you need and open new doors of opportunity. In the process, you might get your first big break by getting discovered by an important figure in the modeling world.



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