How do I Braise Chicken?

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Braising is a simple cooking technique that can be used to make different types of meat tender and flavorful, not just chicken. In order to braise chicken, you will begin by searing or browning pieces of boneless chicken in a pan with oil or butter. You will then remove the chicken, deglaze the pan, and fill the pan about halfway with cooking liquid; this will usually mean chicken stock, wine, or even just water. The pieces of boneless chicken may then be placed back in the pan, which is then covered and put into an oven at approximately 350° Fahrenheit (about 180° C) for 45 minutes to an hour.

It is a fairly simple process to braise chicken. Searing the meat, then cooking it slowly in liquid in the oven, helps to ensure that the chicken will remain flavorful, juicy and tender. Some people use a saucepan to braise chicken, while others will use a slow cooker or a Dutch oven. The cookware used does not really make a difference as long as the liquid can partially cover the chicken, and the dish can be covered and put in the oven, preferably on the middle rack so it is not too close to either heating element. The idea is to simmer the liquid slowly.

The initial sauteing or searing process when attempting to braise chicken is also a good time to add seasoning to the chicken. You might add pepper, onion, or garlic for instance, or any other spices you prefer. Be sure that the oil or butter is sufficiently heated to brown the outside of the chicken quickly. Once it is browned, remove it and set it aside, and deglaze the pan by pouring a bit of cold liquid, such as water or wine, into the still-hot pan. Scrape any brown bits of fond off the bottom of the pan, and stir into the liquid. Then add the rest of the liquid you will use for braising.

Place the chicken back into the pan, cover it, and place the entire thing in a preheated oven. When trying to braise chicken, it usually only needs to be cooked for about 45 minutes to one hour, unlike tougher types of meat which may require a longer cooking time. After the chicken is cooked, it is now ready to eat; some people also choose to strain the braising liquid and make a sauce or gravy to enjoy with the chicken.


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