How Do I Become an Operations Executive?

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Education and experience are essential to become an operations executive, and potential employees will have to obtain a degree. There are many different types of companies that offer this position, and you should choose a particular specialized field before beginning the education process. An enhanced knowledge of business management is also needed to become an operations executive, and this should be your primary focus in college. Many of these jobs may be offered as entry-level positions, but career advancement is an expedited process in this field.

You should find a four year undergraduate university that has a strong business management program and graduate programs in a related field. First, you should enroll in prerequisites that are required for advanced business and finance courses. Once you have completed all necessary general coursework, you might consider consulting your adviser on the best business courses for your desired profession. Most suggested programs will include courses such as introduction to business and management, operations research for management decisions, problem-solving for managers, organizational leadership, and business ethics. During your four-year undergraduate program, you should seek experience opportunities to increase your chances to become an operations executive.


There are several ways to gain experience, including part-time jobs in a firm that specializes in your chosen field, internships, or volunteer assistance work under a senior operations executive or manager. Many of these opportunities can be found through your college campus, and you should look for notices or business job fairs. Experience in the field will help you to become an operations executive because you will be able to observe the additional skills needed to perform the job. Another benefit of extensive experience is the ability to enhance your resume with a business related background.

Leadership is an important aspect of this profession. Joining organizations or clubs at your school that will allow you to exercise these skills and work with a team will also help you to become an operations executive. This job involves overseeing a number of departments and employees, therefore you will need to have excellent communication skills and critical thinking abilities. Some students choose to work on their master's degree in business before entering this profession, which may increase the availability of higher level positions and career advancement opportunities. Salaries are relatively high in this profession, and the job market may be highly competitive. Job placement will depend greatly on your educational background and successful experiences in the field.



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