How Do I Become an Opening Coordinator?

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Opening coordinators tend to work in fields such as retail and food service and might either supervise operations necessary to open a new location or to supervise opening shifts each day. In most cases, opening coordinators are entry level managers and supervisors who may have some experience in leadership positions, but who have not yet earned experienced necessary to become location managers or regional managers. People in opening coordinator positions tend to have excellent communication skills, are able to follow instructions accurately, and can be held accountable for handling money and for monitoring employee behavior.

To become an opening coordinator, it normally is essential to have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, though in many cases employers might prefer to hire individuals who have undergraduate degrees in management or business administration. If you want to become an opening coordinator, you should also should have at least one year of experience supervising employees, a basic understanding of your industry, and the ability to work potentially long hours and to relocate. These skills will make you desirable in the workplace.


To become an opening coordinator it is essential to have a high school diploma in order to prove to employers that you have learned basic math and writing skills, which are essential to performing this kind of job. Employers sometimes prefer individuals with college degrees since this kind of qualification can show that an applicant has advanced skills. It is important to remember, however, that opening coordinators tend to be individuals who are interested in making their way into higher level management positions, so being overqualified actually can work against you.

A person who wants to become an opening coordinator also should understand the exact requirements of a job description prior to applying. If this position is for an individual who can open new locations, it might require you to relocate each time your assistance is needed at a new store or restaurant. Sometimes, however, opening coordinators simply are supervisors who oversee the first shifts in a day and who are responsible for starting programs and activities that can be continued throughout the day. This kind of opening coordinator in a retail context, for example, might start cash registers, set up sales racks or shelves, and ensure that the proper amount of cash is on hand.

Regardless, to become an opening coordinator, you should plan on having to be on your feet for long hours. This kind of professional often must move from department to department to monitor employee activities and perform basic troubleshooting. If employees call out due to illness or other problems, it might be the role of an opening coordinator to work their shifts.



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