How Do I Become an Online Typist?

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Online typists engage in Internet-related freelance work involving typing. As such, the methods for obtaining this kind of employment are as diverse as the employers themselves. Some individuals become online typists by applying for jobs on freelance jobs sites. Others peruse the websites of large organizations that may potentially employ freelance typists. If someone wishes to become an online typist, he or she does not necessarily need any advanced education or specific training. The most important skill sets for this type of employment opportunity are fast and proficient typing and familiarity with online and word processing programs.

Various individuals and companies employ freelance typists. Many individuals may need someone to type materials on a short-term basis. For example, someone who does not have strong typing skills or who is busy with other work may seek a typist to computerize hand-written notes, stories, or research. These individuals will often post an advertisement on an online jobs site or even occasionally in a newspaper.


Online freelancing sites are a source of job opportunities from both individual and organizational employers. Many of these sites use a bidding system in which a prospective employee will post desired financial compensation and work-related information that will convince the employer to hire him or her. Other employers may simply request a resume and cover letter to be sent via post, e-mail, or online registration. In either case, the employee who may become an online typist will likely be competing against hundreds or even thousands of other applicants.

Occasionally, an organization seeking online typists may post the opening on its website. Such opportunities can typically be found under a section labeled "careers" or "job opportunities." A person wishing to become an online typist should routinely check the websites of companies that are more likely to hire an online typist for activities like data entry. These opportunities will often depend on the organization’s overall work load and on whether they are a frequent backer of freelance employees.

As for skill requirements to become an online typist, the most important and most obvious is typing. A high typing speed per minute will likely stand out the most to potential employers, and the further over 50 words per minute, the better. Swift typing can best be achieved through practice. Familiarity with different word processing programs and general Internet navigation skills are also ideal. The most successful online typists will have a commitment to meeting deadlines and a detail-oriented mindset in order to spot mistakes.

Some companies also offer certification for efficient typing skills, although individuals should be wary of fraud. In fact, fraud is a major concern for the online typist in general. Numerous scam artists use phony job offers for freelance typists as a means to cheat individuals out of their money, and online typing is one favorite scheme. Typists should be wary of any offer that requires a fee or any other type of purchase or financial investment. A large percentage of fraudulent offers circulate via e-mail solicitations.



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If you are thinking about applying for legitimate online typing jobs, it is important to keep in mind that you may be asked to take a typing test. These types of tests are usually timed, and are graded based on the number of mistakes you make. You should prepare for this test before it is time to take it by brushing up on your typing skills and practicing to see if you can increase the number of words you type per minute.

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If you don't know how to type, aren't a good typist, or type fairly slowly, online typing is probably not the best job for you. Most companies that hire online typists prefer them to type very fast. In addition, online typists must be able to type without making errors. Going back to correct typos takes that that many companies will count against your overall words per minute.

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