How Do I Become an Online Editor?

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Several types of online editor positions are available, so the first steps you must take if you want to become an online editor involve narrowing your focus to find the position or positions that are right for you. Learn as much as possible about the various positions in which you are interested, and find out what general requirements you must meet to become an online editor. You will need to complete at least a high school education or equivalent qualification, and you will also probably need to earn a college degree in writing, communications, computer sciences, or other related fields.

While in college, be sure to take computer courses that will prepare you to become an online editor, and spend a significant amount of time developing your reading and writing skills. Make sure you are studying the language you intend to use when acting as an online editor, and if you intend to provide content to a global audience, it is a good idea to learn a second or even third language. This is not always required, but it is a good idea for expanding your education and experience that will make you a more valuable job candidate.

Apply for internship opportunities while you are still earning a degree that will help you become an online editor. An internship is likely to be an unpaid position, but you will gain valuable work experience and develop important contacts that may become useful when you begin your job search after graduation. An internship is usually a temporary position that will last a few months; many positions are offered over the summer so they will not interfere with your regular studies at a college or university. Other positions you may want to consider while in college include writing staff at a school newspaper or online editor and content developer for a website pertaining to the school.

After you graduate, you will need to write a resume in order to become an online editor. Be sure to showcase your education and experience, and tailor your resume to specific job descriptions. Remember that you may not immediately start out as an online editor; instead, you may end up taking a position as an assistant editor or content developer who works under the guidance and supervision of the editor. Over time, you will be able to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become an online editor yourself.


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