How Do I Become an MIS Executive?

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A management information systems (MIS) executive is a senior level staff member within the field of MIS, which is a sub-field of information technology (IT). To become an MIS executive, you will need to obtain a formal education, preferably from a recognized, accredited college or university. You will also need extensive work experience not only in IT and MIS, but also in management and strategy. As with any position, you will need to search for positions, submit resumes and successfully complete the interview and hiring processes.

If you are looking to become an MIS executive, your education will be extremely important. In almost all cases, you will need to have earned a four-year degree in an IT field. For MIS, this can include computer science degrees that fall under business and management schools as well as those under science and technology schools. Most employers will require executive-level MIS employees to hold advanced degrees as well.

Your choice of advanced degree program can be quite important if you are planning to become an MIS executive, especially if you want to work with a large or technically advanced company. Major corporations generally give preference to graduates of recognized, accredited degree programs from respected universities. As such, your choice of school may affect your ability to land these high-visibility positions.


Much goes into choosing an advanced degree program. If you want to become an MIS professional, you'll want to look for an advanced program specific to MIS, rather than to general computer science. MIS focuses more on the business uses of technology than on the technology itself, and courses are likely to include business classes as well as computer classes. Some advanced degree programs will accept an undergraduate degree in any field, but most MIS programs will require a four-year degree in business management or computer science.

Once you've obtained a degree, you will still need to acquire extensive experience. You are unlikely to land an executive-level position right out of school, even if you earn an advanced degree. In order to become an MIS executive, you may first need to serve in less advanced roles within the IT industry. You will also need to gain management experience, usually by earning a series of increasingly responsible management roles.

Your resume is also important when seeking to become an MIS executive. You'll need a highly-professional resume that clearly demonstrates the extent of your experience and education. You will also need to pass one or more interviews and should be prepared to interview with C-level executives within a potential employer corporation.



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