How Do I Become an IT Assistant?

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When it comes to working in the field of information technology (IT,) there are a few different paths you can take to become an IT assistant. While no particular degree is absolutely essential for this position, it is often helpful to have an associate’s degree in computer science or IT. You should also consider certification in various aspects of IT, such as specific programs or networking methodologies. In addition to education, you should consider gaining experience working with computers professionally to help you become an IT assistant.

An IT assistant is someone who works with other IT professionals, usually a manager or director, to assist in executing various projects and tasks. To become an IT assistant, you should typically receive some educational and professional background in IT and various computer systems. Since this is typically an entry-level position for someone interested in working in the IT industry, it often requires less experience than some other positions may require. Due to the number of people interested in working with computers in various IT positions, however, you should try to gain every advantage you can to become an IT assistant.


Education that can help you become an IT assistant includes a two-year degree, such as an associate’s degree, and technical certification. You should consider receiving a degree in computer science or IT, depending on what is available at schools in your area. While you can receive a bachelor’s degree, it would make you overqualified for such a position, and you may be able to find a higher level job with that much education.

Technical certification in a particular type of software or platform for networking can also help you become an IT assistant. This can be especially helpful if you are in school working toward a bachelor’s degree and want to work while you are taking classes. Certification may qualify you for positions that would otherwise require a completed degree, such as an associate’s degree.

You should also look for any professional experience you can receive to make it easier for you to become an IT assistant. Positions such as help desk or customer service with a software developer can provide you with professional experience that demonstrates an ability to work with customers in technology. This can help you become an IT assistant since you may be expected to field questions and work with customers while other IT professionals are solving a problem. You should then look for available positions at large companies, government agencies, or colleges that have IT departments large enough to require multiple employees and assistants.



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