How Do I Become an Intrepreneur?

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An "intrepreneur" is a term used to describe people who use an entrepreneurial approach while working within the established base of an already existing business. There are quite a few techniques that you need to use to become an intrepreneur, as well as many inherent character traits that you need to possess. These include the abilities to get heard by others and to be flexible as well as a willingness to play the game of office politics — all of which can either come naturally or be learned through experience. Many companies encourage their employees to become intrepreneurs because they believe that it helps the overall enterprises. Working within companies such as these is a good way to learn the skill set necessary to become an intrepreneur and succeed.

Among the the most effective ways to become an intrepreneur is to create a network of people within the workplace who have both a respect and a fondness for the budding intrepreneur. This can be seen as office politics, but in reality, it is best achieved not through conflict but by being an affable person who does excellent work. Meeting new people who have an intrepreneurial spirit within the company can present new and unique opportunities.


Another key factor that can help you become an intrepreneur is having the ability to be heard amongst your peers, either leading a team or presenting the best ideas to other leaders. This not only serves to get opinions out in to the open, it also allows those who are senior to become aware that someone is interested in progressing within the company. This, of course, is the primary goal of anyone who wants to become a successful intrepreneur.

One vital aspect when trying to become an intrepreneur is the ability to be flexible regarding the role that is filled within the business. The opportunity to progress doesn’t often appear within one’s own area of expertise, so the talent of transferring skills to another part of the company is vital. This opens a wide range of places for you to go and makes the path to success a much shorter one — and is often easier than traditional hierarchical climbing. This means that intrepreneurial skills will often need to be mastered quickly to keep up with the pace of the new environment.

The final element needed to become an intrepreneur is the willingness to learn and to explore new areas. This has two very important roles. You will gain new skills and experiences, both of which will allow you to be more flexible within your company’s structure. Secondly, it will demonstrate to the senior members of the staff that you want to progress within the company — something that will encourage them to consider you for newer, more autonomous and better paid positions.



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