How Do I Become an Insurance Producer?

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In order to become an insurance producer there are several steps to undertake, including receiving the appropriate type of education, cultivating specific skills, and taking the exam required to become certified in the field. During the course of your education and training to become an insurance producer, the emphasis is often placed on interpersonal communication skills, the ability to understand and explain the current laws and policies that govern insurance, and the various types of insurance offered by most professionals. Some trained insurance producers or agents choose to work for large insurance companies, while others choose to open their own practices.

After successfully completing high school, the first step to become an insurance producer is to receive an applicable education. Career advisers suggest obtaining a bachelor's degree in business or economics from a reputable college or university. You can expect the coursework to include subjects such as business administration, accounting, mathematics, economics, public speaking, and finance. These subjects are traditionally taught to students to provide them with a solid basis in business and finance topics, and to also offer excellent methods for employing their knowledge in the day-to-day business world.


Not all of the skills necessary to become an insurance producer are available in the classroom setting. Most career experts recommend learning important skills, such as sales and communication, during the college years. Many future insurance agents do this by working part time for local insurance companies, and this type of entry level work provides the student with valuable experience and networking opportunities following graduation. Before completing college, it is also advisable to learn the current computer software business programs, especially those for office writing, spreadsheets, and other functions related to selling insurance and successfully working with clients.

Once you have completed your bachelor's degree education and gained valuable experience, the final step to become an insurance producer is to prepare for, take, and pass any needed certification exams. Many jurisdictions offer their own licensing exam, and you can apply and schedule your exam time with a local agency. The licensing agency will ensure you meet all of the requirements to take the test, accept the fees, and ensure a convenient exam time and location is scheduled. After certification, insurance producers are expected to take continuing education courses in insurance policies and laws, communications, and finance to stay current in their chosen field.



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