How Do I Become an Insurance Manager?

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An insurance manager oversees the operations of an insurance office. This job requires an advanced level of knowledge of insurance and business practices, so earning a bachelor’s degree in an insurance-, finance- or business-related major is likely to be important. You will most likely need experience, which you can obtain through internships or working in an entry-level position. As you learn more about the insurance industry and gain experience, finding ways to demonstrate your leadership skills and gain notice for your hard work might help you become an insurance manager someday.

You typically will need a college degree to become an insurance manager, because a person in this position usually needs significant knowledge of business and finance matters. Earning a bachelor’s degree in business or finance can help you prepare for this career. You also might pursue this career with an accounting degree. Other degrees that are related to the business or finance fields usually are considered acceptable as well. If you have an unrelated degree, some employers might hire you for this job if you have significant experience in the insurance industry and can demonstrate that you are otherwise the right person for the job.


To become an insurance manager, you typically will need experience, and you can start seeking it while you are still in college. Internships provide a way for you to learn more about the insurance industry in a hands-on format. If you can obtain an internship that allows you to assist an insurance manager or others in advanced positions, it can provide you with an optimal opportunity. Just about any internship position that increases your knowledge of the insurance field can help you toward this job, however. Additionally, an internship can provide references that are helpful in landing a job, and some might even translate into job offers after you graduate.

It can be difficult to get hired as an insurance manager right after graduation from college. Instead, you might have to gain experience in an entry-level position before you can become an insurance manager. You might start out selling insurance or working in an insurance claims department and then gradually work your way up to a job as a manager. The amount of time that you will have to work in an entry-level position might depend on the company, but many employers want managers to have at least three to five years of experience. You can attempt to shorten the amount of time it takes to advance by working hard, learning quickly and demonstrating your communication and leadership skills on a regular basis.



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