How do I Become an Information Clerk?

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Information clerks work in college offices, hotels, shopping malls and elsewhere answering questions, providing information and directing people to different locations within the establishment. To become an information clerk, which typically is an entry-level position, you'll need at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some additional formal education such as college courses or vocational school training might be desired depending upon the employer and can make you more promotable at a later point in time. Experience using word processing programs and other computer software as well as having knowledge of the Internet and how to conduct Internet and intranet searches is often desired by employers. Any background in an office environment or with basic office equipment such as copy machines and fax machines also can help you stand out among other candidates.

Strong customer service and communication skills, including being an active listener, are important if you want to become an information clerk. Having a professional manner and appearance also is necessary. Information clerks also answer telephones, so it might be important to have the ability to learn a switchboard and paging system if necessary. Having a clear telephone voice and good enunciation are important when answering the phone.


Information clerks often deal with people all day long on the job and encounter a variety of personalities. Having a patient personality can be important if you want to become an information clerk. The ability to grasp new information quickly so you can inform others also will help you to succeed if you become an information clerk. The flexibility to handle other clerical tasks that might be asked of you, such as opening and distributing mail or entering data into a computer, also is important.

To find work as an information clerk, contact employment agencies that place clerical and administrative workers. Visit online job websites and search for posted openings for information clerks, receptionists and similar job titles. You also can visit job fairs for clerical workers and be even more proactive by submitting your résumé to shopping malls, hotels and other large enterprises that employ information clerks.

When preparing the résumé you'll use to try to become an information clerk, be sure that it is free of typos and errors. It can be helpful to have a friend or family member check it for you. Always write a cover letter to accompany your résumé. The cover letter can target the specific position you are applying for to show how your skills match up with the position.



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