How Do I Become an Implementation Specialist?

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People who work as implementation specialists are responsible for making sure that software designed for specific companies or industries operate in proper ways. It is common for implementation specialists to test programs to ensure that they meet the needs of professionals, compose instructional materials about programs, conduct training sessions for people learning to use new software, and to project manage the implementation of new software. Unlike many people in the software design field, implementation specialists communicate often with program users and translate complex technical concepts into regular language.

To become an implementation specialist, it is essential to have a background in computer science. Although it can be an asset, it may not be necessary to have a college degree. It often is more important that a person who wants to become an implementation specialist has a background in education, since much of his or her job revolves around training employees to use software.

A person who wants to become an implementation specialist should have an understanding of computer software and hardware, though it usually is not necessary to have strong technical understanding of this field. In most cases, people who become implementation specialists have experience working in the software industry, but do not necessarily have strong technical understandings. As a matter of fact, since most implementation specialists concentrate on helping users of software, a strong technical understanding often is irrelevant to this kind of work. It is important to remember, however, that requirements vary by employer, so you should study job postings prior to applying.

Rather than a strong technical understanding of computer software, a person who wants to become an implementation specialist should have a background in training or education. Many people in these fields have degrees in concentrations such as education, human resources, and management. It is essential that a person who wants to become an implementation specialist is able to work with trainees both in one-on-one and in group situations to help them to use software correctly. In most cases, a person who become an implementation specialist is someone who enjoys communicating with others.

An individual who would like to become an implementation specialist also should be willing to travel often. When software is being implemented in a new office, an implementation specialist might travel to this office to help employees to adapt to new software. While implementation specialists often are given advanced notice about plans to travel, some positions do require professionals to travel on short notice to perform unexpected troubleshooting.


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