How Do I Become an Implant Dentist?

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A person who wants to become an implant dentist will need to complete the educational requirements to practice dental medicine. He or she must study at least two years at the undergraduate level, then complete an accredited dental school program, which takes another four years. In some countries, a dentist who wants to offer implant services to patients must complete specialized training in these techniques.

A dental implant is made from metal and is permanently fixed in the patient’s mouth. It is used to anchor teeth in the patient’s mouth. The implant dentist must be skilled in using drills and other types of instruments to prepare the patient’s mouth to receive the implant.

To prepare for post-secondary studies that will help a student become an implant dentist, a young person should make a point of taking math, biology and chemistry classes in high school. A good background in these subjects will help him or her at the post-secondary level. Before being admitted to dental school, a prospective implant dentist typically must complete at least two years of an undergraduate degree program. Some people who want to become implant dentists apply to dental medicine programs after completing their bachelor's degrees in science-related fields.


The curriculum at a dental school includes many courses. A student who is looking to become an implant dentist starts by learning about body systems as well as biochemistry, medical ethics, radiology and pharmacology. The program also includes courses in diagnosing and treating various diseases and conditions that affect the mouth and jaw areas. Third- and fourth-year dental students will get some clinical experience working with patients under the supervision of a fully trained dentist.

Before starting to practice dentistry, a graduate must write exams to become licensed in the jurisdiction where he or she wants to work. The exact procedure will vary, depending on local regulations. To continue on the path to become an implant dentist, the practitioner will need to get some specialized training.

Training courses in implant dentistry are available from many providers. A person who wants to become an implant dentist will need to consider his or her options carefully. A high-quality course is one that offers classroom and hands-on components. The dentist should be able to see the curriculum before signing up for a program. He or she also should consider whether the training program is accredited and recognized by a professional association before enrolling.



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