How Do I Become an HTML Developer?

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If you want to become an HTML developer, then you should typically pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science or graphic design with a focus on web design. This type of education can teach you the programming you need to know to effectively work with hypertext markup language (HTML) and design websites. As you are receiving your education, you should work on a portfolio of your work that you can use to show off your abilities as an HTML developer. Once you have the education you need, then you can become an HTML developer by looking for businesses and individuals in need of websites.

An HTML developer is someone who creates Internet websites through programming and development. To become an HTML developer, you should typically have a strong background in both computer programming and website design and development. You should consider a four-year degree from a college or university, such as a degree in computer science or graphic design, with a focus on website design and development.

If you choose to pursue a degree in computer science, then you should typically also take some classes in graphic design to help you develop a stronger artistic style for creating websites. On the other hand, if you receive a degree in graphic design to become an HTML developer, then you should try to focus on website design. You should also take classes in computer science and programming. Regardless of which degree you choose, you might also consider HTML certification from a recognized program to better differentiate yourself from others in the job market.

As you are receiving your degree to become an HTML developer, you should also create a portfolio to show off your abilities. This can consist of virtual websites that you develop as class projects, as well as sites that you make for practice and for your own enjoyment. You can have still images of these sites to show off, as well as functional websites that you can use as portfolios for your work, which you can show to potential employers as you work to become an HTML developer.

Once you complete your degree, then you can begin looking for opportunities to become an HTML developer in a number of different settings. You can design websites for family and friends who may be in need of a site; such jobs may not pay well but are often excellent ways to grow your portfolio and gain professional experience. Some companies may be willing to hire you as a website designer full time, though you may also look for freelance work and consider approaching local businesses that may not have a website to sell your skills as a developer.



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