How Do I Become an Evening Receptionist?

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You can become an evening receptionist by submitting applications for these types of office support jobs and specifying your availability along with your qualifications. Prior experience, particularly in working late shifts, is often helpful for working in this type of front desk position, though you will usually be able to find some open entry-level receptionist jobs where you will receive on-the-job training if hired. Most evening receptionist jobs consist of the same regular duties as day receptionists. These responsibilities include telephone answering, filing, typing, and greeting customers. You may sometimes have better chances to become an evening receptionist if your resume and application stand out from a smaller pool of applicants.

Evening receptionists typically work after normal business hours and may stay late into the night depending on the business or organization. You may also find some of these jobs with hours that begin in mid-afternoon and end in mid-evening. Before applying to become an evening receptionist, decide which specific hours you are both willing and able to work without becoming overly fatigued. It can be advantageous if you have previous experience working night shifts in which you are mentally adjusted to being productive and energetic during these later hours.


Assessing your current qualifications is also an important step for your quest to become an evening receptionist. If you would like to be hired for one of these jobs in a law or medical office, you may need to first acquire some specialty training. Many of these employers require their receptionists to have an understanding of the vocabulary and procedures relevant to these specific professions. Other types of businesses may have open receptionist positions that only require high school completion along with a willingness to learn the needed job duties.

When interviewing to become an evening receptionist, highlight your available work hours and ability to take on the job responsibilities. Some evening receptionists have added closing duties such as setting the alarm system and locking up, which are simple but important tasks for a business's security. You may also be responsible for ensuring the waiting area is cleaned up and ready for opening in the morning, so you may also mention your organizational skills and attention to detail during your interview. This type of work ethic is often a good fit for an evening receptionist position, and it can be helpful even if you have limited experience in this kind of office support role.



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