How do I Become an Entry Level Administrative Assistant?

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Many companies now hire administrative assistants to perform secretarial and administrative duties. The job of an administrative assistant is a demanding one that requires a lot of effort, a number of different talents, and some basic education. In order to become an entry level administrative assistant, all candidates should have a good grasp on the following skills.

The number one skill that most employers are looking for is excellent typing ability. The best way to become an entry level administrative assistant is to learn to type quickly, efficiently, and without error. Thus, typing courses are recommended for all potential candidates -- it is not uncommon for an employer to ask all candidates to perform speed typing tests.

In addition to typing, computer skills including word processing, spreadsheet, and database computing are essential. Obtaining a certificate from a local business school is a great way to compete with other applicants for the job of administrative assistant. Candidates who do not have any formal administrative training may still acquire this type of job, though competing against candidates who do have certificates will be tough.

Another great way to become an entry level administrative assistant is to specialize in one field or another. Some specializations include law, medicine, and real estate. Candidates who know a great deal about one specific topic are often invaluable to companies that require assistance. Some job placement agencies will train prospective administrative assistants as well.


Speak with job placement agency representatives, and ask about specialized training. Some of these companies will provide free necessary training courses to those applicants that sign-up for job placement. In addition, job placement counselors can provide any candidate with a wealth of information regarding administrative assistant positions.

On occasion, it is possible to begin as an entry-level clerk within a company, and be promoted to a better position. Frequently, a person who can demonstrate exceptional skills will become an entry level administrative assistant simply by showing loyalty to a company. If this type of lateral movement is sought, it is best to look for a company that has room to promote lower-level employees.

Seeking to become an entry level administrative assistant means learning how to file, fax, run errands, answer phones, balance appointments, and expertly complete any other task asked by an employer. In short, this job position is one that requires organization, energy, and an aptitude for getting any job done with complete ease.



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