How Do I Become an Employment Specialist?

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To become an employment specialist, you should typically begin by gaining an educational background in human resources (HR) or business and look for opportunities to also gain starting-level professional experience. While you can receive an associate’s degree in business or a similar subject and begin working in HR, you should typically pursue a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources, and you may even want to consider a master’s degree if you are interested in working in management at a large company. Once you have the education you need to become an employment specialist, you should look for opportunities to work in human resources, though you may need to work your way up from a lower-level position.

An employment specialist is a person who typically works in HR at a company, but the actual duties and responsibilities of this position can vary. If you want to become an employment specialist, then you should typically begin your efforts by working toward a college degree in business or human resources. You typically need a high school diploma or equivalent certification to be accepted at a college or university. Look for a school that has a business program that can help you become an employment specialist.

Depending on the education or professional background you already have, you might consider beginning your efforts to become an employment specialist by receiving an associate’s degree in business. This type of degree can help you in two ways: it usually counts as the first two years toward a bachelor’s degree, and you can use it to find low-level employment within a company’s HR department. Most companies look for a bachelor’s degree from applicants who want to become an employment specialist, so you should typically continue working toward that degree. You can receive a degree in business, with a specialty in HR, or a degree in human resources itself.

As you work on any degree you might use to become an employment specialist, you should also consider a minor focus in a subject that can help you in your intended field. If you want to work in HR at a computer hardware developer, for example, then you might choose a minor in computer science. Once you have your bachelor’s degree, then you can typically begin working within an HR department at a company, and any professional experience you have earned can help qualify you to become an employment specialist. If you are interested in working at a management level in HR, especially within a large company, then you might consider working toward a master’s degree in business with a focus on human resources.


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