How do I Become an Employment Recruiter?

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To become an employment recruiter, a person needs to have an aptitude for dealing with people from all walks of life. These individuals are responsible for finding, screening, interviewing, and ultimately referring applicants for jobs. Many of these types of positions specialize in recruiting for one or two specialized areas or fields, such as manufacturing, executive, administrative, or technical.

For someone who wants to become an employment recruiter, it is important that he has an appropriate educational background. Though many of these job descriptions differ in regards to educational requirements, the majority of them do require applicants to have a bachelor's degree in human resources, business, or a related discipline. Some companies require applicants to also have earned certain human resources certifications, such as Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, or Global Professional in Human Resources.

Obtaining one or more of these human resources certifications can help individuals in this field to establish themselves as experienced, competent professionals. Certifications essentially let potential employers know that applicants have achieved a high level of training to go along with their overall work experience. These credentials often go a long way towards helping applicants to become an employment recruiter, as the competition for these positions can be considerable.


Candidates for these jobs should have experience working at a staffing or employment agency, or in the human resources department of a private company or government agency. Entry-level employment recruiter positions are much easier to obtain, but candidates should be prepared to start out at a much lower salary. A combination of education and experience can help a person to start out at a more advanced level of employment, particularly for those who hold certifications or advanced degrees.

In order to become an employment recruiter, a person must also have the ability to communicate well with others. These individuals must know how and where to post jobs, and how to go about looking for qualified candidates to fill the open positions they have been assigned. This can sometimes cause a certain degree of stress, because some employers will expect certain positions to be filled quickly. This means that employment recruiters should work well under pressure and tight deadlines.

People in these positions must also understand what they need to look for when interviewing and screening potential applicants for jobs, because it is important that the right person be selected for a job, the first time around. When hiring employment recruiters, companies often look for individuals who have a proven track record at hiring candidates successfully. In order to be able to provide evidence of such a success rate, applicants should be able to provide employers with suitable references from previous employers.



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