How Do I Become an Email Marketing Manager?

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To become an email marketing manager, you will typically need several years of experience in the area of marketing. You should also demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the Internet and online marketing and have strong computer skills. Good writing and editing skills are also a significant plus. In many cases, employers will want you to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or communications, though you may be able to substitute experience or continuing education credentials for a degree.

An email marketing manager is responsible for marketing a company’s goods and services through email. This may include the development of marketing strategies that include email newsletters, notices of special sales, and follow-up emails to customers and prospects after visiting a website or making a purchase. If you become an email marketing manager, you can expect to spend time working with both the website team at your office as well as other marketing staff as you coordinate your online marketing efforts.


Some colleges and universities now offer specialized degrees in online marketing. Getting one of these degrees or taking courses within the program may be a real asset during your job hunt. Otherwise, you may wish to major in marketing or communications. Be sure to take courses in computer science as well as writing, as you may be expected to develop your own promotional copy after you become an email marketing manager. If you have already completed your degree, you may wish to look into adult education and continuing education programs that teach online marketing techniques.

Before you can advance into a marketing manager position, you will typically have to work in the area of marketing and promotions within an organization. As you learn more about marketing, you should work on developing your skills in writing for an online audience. Even if you will eventually rely on freelancers or copywriters for your e-mail promotions, you should learn to recognize good writing so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Online marketing is a rapidly changing field. If you want to become an email marketing manager, you should keep your knowledge of online e-mail marketing strategies up to date. This typically means reading industry publications and blogs on a regular basis, participating in continuing education programs, and attending industry events. You should also communicate your interest to your work supervisor and ask for opportunities to work on online marketing efforts so as to improve your skills and knowledge.



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