How Do I Become an Audit Supervisor?

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If you wish to become an audit supervisor, you will need to examine requirements to determine if the field would be a good fit for you. Your education will need to be at a minimum of a bachelor’s degree level, and most companies require some level of experience in the auditing environment within which you will work. Professional skills are important, such as leadership of professionals and analytical skills. Personal characteristics are such as time management and organizational skills can also indicate that the profession will be a good fit. Once these details are in order, knowing where to begin your job search becomes crucial.

Most companies prefer that you have a bachelor's degree in a field such as business administration or any of the related fields in order to become an audit supervisor. In addition, in the United States, the Certified Public Accountant’s Certificate (CPA) will likely be a prerequisite, along with training in the auditing field. In addition, companies may also have individual standards for you to become an audit supervisor, but you might want to seek some basic background before approaching this position. At least five years of experience in a field such as commercial or governmental accounting is required. To become an audit supervisor, you should also have a few years of audit-specific work.


If you wish to become an audit supervisor, you should have a certain type of professional skill set. For example, you will desire to provide training and guidance to others who have pursued an auditing or accounting career; this may involve reviewing work of internal auditors and providing feedback. You may be asked to analyze a set of data in order to make suggestions for improvements or upgrades. You will need a solid understanding of pertinent legal requirements, as well as specific company policies. You will also need to establish and maintain relationships with other executive management.

You might also find some core characteristics and traits common for this profession. A desire for and experience with interpersonal skills will be important to supervise employees and work with business peers. Time management and organizational competencies are also necessary to balance workload and meet deadlines. You should also be flexible toward changing circumstances and in working toward a feasible solution as well.

Knowing where to look for jobs is another step to become an audit supervisor. You can check with several career placement sites on the Internet. Another place to search is your local classified ads, or network with other accounting professionals.



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