How Do I Become an Assistant Front Office Manager?

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Assistant front office managers are leaders who help their companies’ chief supervisors to oversee the activities of organizational staff members who serve customers. These individuals often work for hotels and must be willing to work in fast-paced environments. A person who desires to become an assistant front office manager needs to consider completing four years of post-secondary education. Although this is not required to excel in this industry, it will increase his or her chances of finding employment. In addition, he or she must acquire field experience, as employers often prefer this in a job candidate.

If you want to become an assistant front office manager, you should complete a bachelor’s degree in the area of business or hospitality, which typically lasts four years. To get into this type of training program, you must complete your desired school’s enrollment application as well as submit a copy of your high school transcript. Your chosen educational institution additionally will want to see your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with any results that you have from recently taken standardized tests.


Courses that introduce you to ways to run a hospitality company are important to be successful in this career area. These classes cover how to oversee hotel staff, how to use room reservation systems, and how this type of customer service establishment should function. The topics are valuable to master because an assistant front office manager is responsible for helping to schedule employees and handle payroll as well as perform budgeting, guest services, and inventory functions as necessary.

Completing business classes also is significant for an aspiring leader in this industry. Courses that focus on human resources teach you the importance of communicating with employees in addition to handling hiring duties and job performance evaluations. Marketing classes cover how to promote your company’s services, and finance training will prepare you to help to balance your business’ books and manage revenues — necessary skills if you want to become an assistant front office manager.

Gaining field experience is necessary in this field as well. You can contact your college’s career services department to find out about companies in your area that might be willing to let you intern there. Following your internship, the organization could hire you for a full-time role, which would allow you to master the work of a front office assistant and eventually receive a promotion to become an assistant front office manager.



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