How do I Become an Architect Technician?

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Architect technicians work with construction engineers, architects, and site supervisors to make sure that buildings are erected or renovated properly. They check measurements, clearings, doors, and stairwells to ensure they match plans and conform to city building codes. The requirements to become an architect technician vary between regions, but most workers hold two- or four-year degrees in engineering- or architecture-related fields. In addition, experience in construction or drafting jobs is very helpful in finding full-time work in the field. With the right training, an individual can become an architect technician at a construction company, architectural firm, or city government agency.

Most future architect technicians decide to pursue four-year bachelor's degrees in architecture, drafting, or civil engineering. A university degree program provides a student with the knowledge and technical skills needed to become an architect technician. An undergraduate has the opportunity to take courses in blueprint reading, computer-aided drafting (CAD), math, business management, and communications.

Some professionals are able to enter the field with two-year certificates from technical schools or community colleges. Many schools offer programs designed specifically for future architect technicians. A student receives classroom and hands-on training with CAD software, architectural tools, and common building inspection techniques. Technical programs also commonly emphasize the importance of developing strong written and verbal communication skills to help future technicians succeed in their eventual jobs.


Regardless of the degree program chosen, an individual can often improve his or her chances to become an architect technician by applying for entry-level jobs in the construction industry. Performing actual construction work or assisting a site supervisor can provide important firsthand knowledge of the business. Additionally, some college students are able to obtain internships or paid positions at local architectural firms to learn more about the office responsibilities of the career.

With a degree and relevant work experience, a person can look for local opportunities to become an architect technician. Job search Web sites, construction unions, and professionals already employed in the field can all be excellent sources of information about finding a position. Once an individual is granted the opportunity to join an architectural or construction firm, he or she can typically expect to spend at least one year working as an assistant or apprentice, training under the guidance of an experienced technician.

Some regions and private companies require apprentices to pass certification tests before they can begin working independently at job sites. With success on exams and several years of professional experience, a new architect technician generally enjoys a busy, rewarding career. Advancement opportunities normally are available for technicians who pursue continuing education and excel at their work.



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