How do I Become an Air Force Recruiter?

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The United States Air Force relies heavily on its recruiters to inform potential candidates about military service and all of its opportunities. If you become an Air Force recruiter, you also will be responsible for evaluating men and women who are qualified for active service. If you want to become an Air Force recruiter, you will need a variety of public speaking skills and Air Force experiences. The result will be the satisfaction of knowing you are making the United States safer by finding the best people to join the Air Force.

There are no educational requirements necessary to become an Air Force recruiter, but you must be enlisted in that branch of the armed forces. In addition to being enlisted, you also need to be a senior airman who has completed the time in service requirements of 36 months of a four-year contract or 60 months of a six-year contract. This experience will help you fully understand what goes on in the Air Force and what to look for in candidates.


You will need to be an excellent judge of character to become an Air Force recruiter. You must talk with, potentially, dozens of candidates each day and find out about their personality and work ethic. This takes excellent communication skills and an understanding of the Air Force's different needs, which are crucial to explaining the military to a recruit. Knowing every department and every job opportunity will help you match up a candidate to a potential duty and get that person excited about joining the Air Force. This knowledge also is important when answering questions about life in the Air Force and what a recruit should expect.

If you become an Air Force recruiter, you most likely will have to be willing to relocate. In order to sign up individuals for the armed forces, you could be shipped anywhere you are needed. In your new home, you will have to find the best places to locate candidates, such as schools and clubs, and appeal to those candidates by using your public speaking skills.

You also must be in excellent physical and mental condition if you want to become an Air Force recruiter. You essentially will be a walking, talking billboard for the Air Force, and you will want each recruit to see you as a strong person like the one they can aspire to be. This means regularly exercising and familiarizing yourself with the military news at home and abroad.



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