How do I Become an Advertising Sales Agent?

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The best way to become an advertising sales agent depends on the type of sales you wish to do and the company you’d like to work for. In many cases you will need a college degree, although this is not always the case. Some companies may allow you to undergo an apprenticeship or you may be able to start in a lower position and work your way up to sales. Many times, you will not need any specific education at all.

Having a four-year college degree is one of the fastest ways to become an advertising sales agent. If you do choose to go this route, you should major in something related to business, advertising, or marketing. This will allow you to learn about the sales process and how businesses handle customers. You can also read books on your own to learn specific details about working in sales.

If you feel that college isn’t the right path for you, a degree is not always required in order to become an advertising sales agent. Employment with some companies may require that you have a minimum number of years experience in sales or marketing, or that you work your way up in the company starting from a lower position. This will allow you to learn how the company operates while on the job.


Advertising sales can include things like ad space in publications, banner space, billboard space, or space on the company’s website. Just like any sale situation, you will be selling a product to a consumer. Before you pursue this career, you should ensure that you are well-prepared to handle the stress and rejection that comes with any sales related venture.

Once you feel that you are prepared both in your educational requirements and your personal outlook, you can begin looking for work in order to become an advertising sales agent by looking in local classifieds or on job boards. If you don’t find anything there, you can call companies directly that may be hiring. Good starting points include newspapers, e-commerce companies, and magazines.

In most cases, advertising sales agents are paid on commission rather than a set hourly wage or salary. This means that you only make money if you make sales. You will generally receive a certain percentage of the sales price from each order your receive from customers. Keep this mind when you are getting started, because you may need to have savings or a part-time job until you learn the ropes of effective sales.



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