How do I Become an Administrative Assistant Secretary?

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An administrative assistant secretary is a business professional who functions in an office support role. This means that the administrative assistant secretary performs administrative tasks such as word processing, calendar scheduling, event planning, document processing, or any other needed tasks to keep a business running smoothly. There are different types of administrative assistants, and thus, different methods to become an administrative assistant secretary.

Those who want to become an administrative assistant secretary for a large corporation can enter the field in a few different ways. One option is to complete a two-year degree at a community college, business school, or technical school. Administrative assistant programs prepare future office workers by training students on business software, customer service, business writing skills, and office technology. Once a program is completed, students may enter a job via an internship or by independently responding to job advertisements.

Another option for those who want to become an administrative assistant secretary at a corporation is to skip the school programs and apply for entry-level clerical positions. Most larger companies have several levels or grades applied to the title of administrative assistant. Therefore, entry level positions not requiring as much responsibility or skill as upper-level positions are open to candidates who lack experience. Entry level positions will likely include less technical tasks such as answering phones and sorting mail, but many companies provide on the job training and as skill levels increase, so do opportunities for advancement.


Working for a smaller business is yet another option. Smaller companies are sometimes more flexible and open to hiring a candidate who wants to become an administrative assistant secretary but lack experience and skills. A small business is also a good place to begin because the scope of work may be wider. When more opportunities exist to take on new tasks, administrative assistants gain valuable experience that will help to move up the career ladder.

For those who want to become an administrative assistant secretary but enjoy a bit more independence, working for small businesses on a freelance basis is becoming a popular route as well. This role is called a virtual assistant. Skills are required in advance, so administrative assistant secretaries would first need to acquire skills in popular business software. Then the assistant would create a website and begin marketing for freelance administrative assistant business on the Internet. This option is best suited to those who already have contacts and networking skills.



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