How Do I Become an Active Directory Engineer?

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Active directory engineers are individuals who create and manage computer software systems that make sure that computer networks remain secure and operate properly. These people need to be good at working with computers and possess strong verbal and written communication skills for sharing the results of their work with other employees and officials at their organizations. A person who would like to become an active directory engineer should complete four years of college. Acquiring real-world experience to put on your resume in addition to attaining industry certifications also will improve your employment opportunities in this complex field.

An individual who wants to become an active directory engineer must complete a bachelor’s degree program in computer science, engineering, or business administration. Requirements to enroll in this type of program include submitting standardized test results, a completed admissions application, and a transcript of high school courses. You also must provide a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification for your potential institution before beginning training to become an active directory engineer.


Technology classes are the foundation of educational programs in this industry. For instance, you need to study the use of programming to solve scientific problems. Engineering design classes also teach you ways to graphically communicate how new computer systems work using drafting software or manual drawing procedures. These concepts will help you if you seek to become an active directory engineer in that industry professionals need to be able to create and implement computer services that help companies to protect their information as well as programs that facilitate communication via electronic mail and the unified exchange of messages within organizations.

Field experience is critical for someone who wants to enter the job market in this area as well. You can use an internship to hone your skills with troubleshooting computer system problems at a company and then implementing changes and recording these adjustments. Learning how to multi-task and work under pressure to meet deadlines constitutes a valuable part of this type of opportunity if you seek to become an active directory engineer.

Entering the engineering field often involves proving your level of expertise to companies. If your region requires that an engineer has a license to practice, you must take and pass examinations to receive this type of credential. Maintaining it involves completing continuing education requirements through colleges or associations in this career area. Professional organizations and industry companies also offer voluntary certifications that will make you more attractive to possible employers.



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