How Do I Become an Accountancy Lecturer?

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In most regions, in order to become an accountancy lecturer you have to complete both master’s and doctoral degree programs. It is important that you work to become recognized as an expert in the field of accounting. This can be accomplished by creating published work or contributing to the work of other experts in the field. To gain experience as a lecturer you can offer to work as a guest lecturer on the subject of accounting and finance.

The career of a lecturer is quite different from that of a traditional instructor. While a master’s degree may be sufficient to work as an instructor, doctoral studies in accounting are in most cases required to become an accountancy lecturer. The career of a lecturer has become professionalized and high-paying lecturer positions are typically offered to candidates with the highest level of education and experience.

On your path to become an accountancy lecturer, you must prepare to work in an academic setting. Most accountancy lecturers work at colleges and universities. It is possible to obtain a lecturer position outside of an academic institution, but most of your lectures will likely be conducted for individuals with academic interest in the subject.


When you apply for employment to become an accountancy lecturer, having published academic works may not be required but will provide credibility. The institution will likely want proof that you have expert knowledge in the area of accounting. In many cases your doctoral education and dissertation are sufficient to prove that knowledge. As you work toward your goal to become an accountancy lecturer you may be presented with opportunities to lecture outside of academic settings. Taking advantage of opportunities to speak on topics relating to accounting will give you the experience needed to apply for lecturer positions.

To become a sought after accountancy lecturer, you must have the ability to deliver informative and engaging lectures. In order to perfect your lecture style you should work to obtain as much lecturing experience as you can. If possible, join your local speaker’s bureau or another network for professional lecturers. Your professional connections will help you remain informed lecture of upcoming opportunities.

Obtaining professional credentials will also help prepare you to become an accountancy lecturer. These credentials include earning the certification necessary to be a public accountant or certified financial planner, or to receive some other specialist designation. The requirements to become a certified professional will vary by the institution or organization offering the certification.



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