How Do I Become a Writing Tutor?

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Deciding to become a writing tutor can be a great way to earn some extra income, or even to just help students become better writers through volunteer work. There are many different ways to do this. It may not be necessary to have finished a college degree to become a writing tutor; many tutors at colleges and universities are students themselves who simply excel at writing. Tutors who work independently are often retired teachers or published writers just looking to earn a little extra cash, and these people may need to put a bit of extra effort into becoming a writing tutor.

Colleges and universities often have writing centers designed to offer extra help to students outside of class. Often, it is relatively simple for an English major to become a writing tutor at one of these writing or tutoring centers. It may require an application process, and a screening of previously written papers, but students who excel at writing are generally hired. Often, this is done on the recommendation of a previous professor as well. Students may be paid for this work, or it may be completed on a volunteer basis, sometimes for additional credit. This can be a great opportunity for students to add to their resumes and teaching skills.


For individuals not attending a college or university, who want to become a writing tutor, the process may take a little longer. It is necessary to first determine the amount of hours you want to work each week, how you will charge per hour, and the logistics of the whole thing. This includes considerations like where you will meet the students for tutoring, for example. Once you have determined how you will address these issues, it will be necessary to advertise your services. The best places to advertise are typically online and at local colleges. It may be difficult to get clients initially, but soon you will be able to get references from past clients, which will likely lead to more work.

If you want to become a writing tutor, it is also a good idea to determine what, and how, you will teach. For instance, do you want students to bring their specific issues or paper topics to you, or do you want to plan a general lesson plan based on the needs of the students? Many writing tutors like to do a combination of both, and like to have some lessons ready in advance in case the student does not come prepared.



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